Arne Vodder rosewood armchairs – £3500

Arne Vodder rosewood chairs

– Set of 5 chairs, Model 418.
– 1960s design by Arne Vodder, made by Sibast.
– Broad armrests, curved backrest with angled horns.
– Original blue wool. May be upholstered to your requirement.

Arne Vodder rosewood chairs
Arne Vodder 1926 – 2009

Arne Vodder trained as a cabinetmaker and architect, under Finn Juhl at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. In 1950, Vodder launched his own architecture and design studio with architect Anton Borg, designing furniture as well as several low-cost houses. Vodder and Borg collaborated until the 1970s.

Vodder is known for the simple elegance of his furniture designs, in rosewood and teak, often inspired by the natural forms, and occasionally accented with colorful panels. Vodder designed cabinetry, tables, and seating for furniture makers Fritz Hanson, France & Søn, Nielaus and Sibast.

Between the 1950s and ’70s, Vodder’s furniture designs were used by President Jimmy Carter in the White House and President Anwar Sadat in Cairo, and were also included in the United Nations Office in Geneva, as well as in a number of hotels, banks, and embassies worldwide. His work was exhibited widely both individually and in group exhibitions.